Electrical Design Course in Oil & Gas

Basics of Electrical Engineering
• Single phase system and Poly phase system and their importance
• Power Generation, Transmission Distribution and Utilization
• Introduction of key Electrical Equipments used in Projects

Coordination with other Disciplines
• Process Engineers (Oil & Gas)
• Mechanical Engineers (Layout)
• Civil Engineers
• Instrument Engineers
• Communication and safety Engineers

Introduction to Sub-Station
• Type of Sub-station
• Why Sub-stations are required
• Process involved in developing Sub-station

Estimation of Plant Electric Load
• Preparation of Load Schedule
• Determination of Power Supply Capacity
• Standby Capacity Consideration
• Rating of Generators in Relation to their Prime Movers-Importance of max. and min. temp.
• Rating of Motors in Relation to their Driven Machines

Development of Single Line Diagrams (SLD)
• Key SLD
• Detail SLD LV & HV System
• Lighting System SLD
• Small Power SLD
• Metering and Control Diagram
Control Schematics
• Introduction
• Typical schematics for Incomer Feeder
• Typical schematics for Motor Feeder
• Typical schematics for Power Feeder

Cable Selection and Sizing
• Power and Control Cable Introduction
• Cable selection
• Cable sizing for Low Voltage System
• Cable sizing for High Voltage System
• Voltage Drop consideration
• Let through Energy consideration
• Earth fault Loop Impedance consideration
• Cable Schedule
• Cable interconnection Schedule
• Selection and Sizing of Cable Tray
• Cable Tray schedule
• Cable Drum schedule
• Conduit Selection & Sizing

Cable Routing
• Cable routing Layout
• Cable Tagging
• Installation details

Selection and Sizing of Electrical Equipments
• Emergency Generator
• Transformer
• Neutral Grounding Resistor
• HV/MV/LV Switchgears
• HV/MV/LV Capacitor Bank
• DC Battery & Battery Charger
• AC/DC Machines
• Lighting Board Schedule

Electrical Equipment/System Specification & Data Sheet
• Transformer
• Diesel Generator
• HV/MV/LV Switchgears
• HV/LV Capacitor Bank
• DC Battery Charger
• Battery
• Power Cables
• Control Cables
• Illumination
• Earthing and Lightening Protection
• Page Party System
• CCTV system
• Telephone System

Hazardous Area Classification and Selection of Equipments
• Zone/Division Classification
• Types of Protection for Hazardous Areas
• Hazardous source list preparation
• Certification of Hazardous Area Equipment
• Marking of Equipment Nameplates
• Hazardous Area Drawings/Layouts Preparation

Earthing protection Design
• Requirement of Earthing in Industrial Plants
• Earthing Design Calculations
• Type of Earthing and Details
• Earthing Installation Details
• Earthing Layout Design

Lightning Protection Design
• Lightening Protection Requirement
• Lightening Protection Calculation
• Lightening Installation Details
• Lightening Layout Design

Illumination Design
• Introduction
• Type of Lighting fixtures
• Selection of Lighting fixtures
• Preparation of fixture schedule
• Indoor Illumination Calculation
• Outdoor Illumination Calculation
• Calculation on Software
• Lighting Layout Design
• Lighting Installation Detail
• Small Power Selection

System Studies and Calculation (ETAP Optional)
• Short Circuit Analysis (Fault Calculations and Stability Studies)
• Load Flow Analysis
• Motor Starting Study
• Relay Coordination Study
• Transient Stability Study

Work on Generic Projects

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