Instrumentation Design Engineering

Introduction to Instrumentation Design
• Introduction
• Overview of an Engineering Organization
• Role of a Process Engineer
• Project Documentation

Basic Engineering Package
• Overview of Basic Engineering Package
• Relevant Codes & Standards
• Basic Design requirement based on type of plant e.g. Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical Industrial and Power Plat etc.
• Selection of Instruments for Controlling Flow, Temperature, Level and Pressure
• Sizing and Selection of Control Valve
• Introduction to DCS

Detail Engineering
• Instrument Index
• Instrument Location Plan
• Process Data sheets and Specifications
• Instrument Wiring Layout
• Instrument Air Routing Layout
• Loop Drawing
• JB Layout
• Cable Schedule
• Cable Tray Layout
• Hook – Up

Control & Automation
• Introduction to PLC
• PLC Logic, PLC Architecture
• I/O Configuration & Memory Mapping
• Instruction Set
• Programs & Ladder Diagrams
• Communications & Fault finding

• Introduction to HMI and its need
• Preparation details and fundamentals of HMI
• Fault display in HMI
• Timer counter setting from HMI
• Interfacing with PLC

• Introduction to SCADA
• Configuration of different drivers gateway
• Database of tags and its use
• Interfacing with PLC and simulation of PLC application in SCADA

AC Drive
• Fundamentals of AC Drive
• Block diagram of AC drive
• Configuration of different drives
• Control of drive with and without PLC
• Various ap

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