Prosess Design

Introduction to Process Engineering
• Introduction
• Overview of an Engineering Organization
• Role of Process Engineer
• Project Documentation

Basic Engineering Package
• Overview of Basic Engineering Package
• Introduction to the contents of Basic Engineering Package (BEP)
• Basic Design Requirements based on the Types of Plants / Projects
• Process Block Diagrams
• Introduction to PFD, P&ID and PDS, Equipment List, Line List, Equipment Data Sheet
• Development of PFD, PFD Specification
• Development of P&ID
• Introduction to Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) for various Oil & Gas Systems
• International Codes & Standards
• Instrumentation and Process Control
• Fundamentals of Material Balance
• Fundamentals of Energy Balance

Process Design Engineering
• Introduction to Cause and Effect Diagrams (Trip – Interlock Schedule) Development including various Level of Shutdown
• Introduction to HAZOP review
• Special Aspects of Design of Batch and Continuous Processes
• Introduction to Hazardous area Classification
• Striper Design
• Process Safeguarding
• Desalting
• Wellhead Desanding
• Gas dew-pointing by Gas Dehydration, J/T effect and by expander/ Compressor Combination
• Gas sweetening and Acid Gas Handling
• Fuel Gas Conditioning
• Wellhead System
• Overview of Pipeline/ Flow line Hydraulics
• Pipelines, Pig receivers / Launchers
• Introduction to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
• Special Aspects of Onshore/ Offshore Process Engineering

Pipe Hydraulics & Line Sizing
• Flow Rate, Velocity, Pipe Sizing calculations
• Reynolds Number – Laminar, Transient, Tubulent Flow
• Hazen Williams & Darcy Weisbach Equation
• Pressure Drop Calculations
• Pump Head Calculations

Process Equipments Design
• Heat Exchangers
• Reactor
• Pressure Vessel
• Separation Column
• Pumps
• Control Valve
• Vacuum Systems

Process Equipments Detail Design
• Selection, Sizing and Specifications of Various Process Equipment such as Pumps, Compressors, Distillation Columns, Heat Exchangers and Multiphase Separators
• Sizing of Control Valves, Restriction Orifice Plates, Pressure Relief Devices
• Line Sizing for Various Services
• Basics of Pipe Selection and Mechanical Design of Equipment
• Equipment Sizing
• Sizing of Various Utilities and Selection
• Selection, Sizing and Specifications of various Process Equipment involved in Batch Processes
• Determination of Capacity of Batch Processes

Process Simulation
• Introduction to Process Simulation
• Butane, LPC Column Simulation
• Light Neptha, CO2 Absorber

Apply Safety Guidelines to a Process or Chemical Plant

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